“Solid Northwest provides the strategic sourcing and subject matter experts necessary to tackle a variety of complex categories leading a small team. They work well in any environment, customizing their approach to fit the unique needs and culture of their customer rather than trying to force a rigid process onto an organization. Their staff is well trained with broad skill sets that range from spend analysis to research to negotiations and contracting. They also value the customer’s relationship with their suppliers, and that is reflected in the professionalism of their interactions. The bottom line is that they make IT easier and help get to savings faster.”

Scott Fancher


“I highly recommend Karl and his team for your technology needs. I have found that Karl always offered sound advice on maintaining, repairing and upgrading our technology. He is an outstanding guy, and I have enjoyed worked with him at my firm.  He was honest on the issues we were facing, and I could count on his opinion to be based on our firm’s needs and not just whatever product was new that week.”

Micah B

Johnson Graffe Keay Moniz & Wick

“I want the session to hear me thank you, too, for service way above and beyond on this project. Thank you for your skill and tenacity in working with our unusual construction to give us strong, reliable internet service. You’ve been great to work with!”

Reverand Sandy Hackett

Lake City Presbyterian Church

“We have had the pleasure of working with Karl for a number of years.  We found him to be reliable, timely, and knowledgeable.
He is always willing to take the time to not only fix our problems but explain what was, or could have been the cause.  He has helped us from the simplest of tasks, like a lost driver, to a full network move and install.  Recently, we implemented a new electronic software and storage system and Karl put in the extra time working with me and the software developers until we worked out all the quirks.  No matter how big or small our computer needs and issue are – Karl has never made me feel small for not knowing something. He has been a valuable resource for our team”

Deanna – Office Manager


“People before Profits -“Solid Technology showed us repeatedly how much they cared about the well-being of our organization, putting people before profits!
In 2017, we retained Solid Technology to perform our first, comprehensive IT Risk Assessment. Having gone through several staffing changes in the past few years and investing very heavily in new Cloud-based applications to manage our membership and programs, we were unsure how well our current structure and models aligned with our changing business and organizational needs.
In fewer than 30 days, the firm provided us with an incredibly in-depth draft report and had already identified a few critical risk items we needed to address immediately. They did not just tell us the problem, but actively partnered with us to remedy and provide solutions that we could afford and that fit our needs.
Even though it was beyond scope, Solid Technology adjusted and supported us in everything from implementing end-to-end, best practices, backup/offsite replication and disaster recovery solutions, asset management and license / warranty renewal automation, upgrade, consolidation, and standardization improvements, and even staff performance evaluations and training recommendations. They found us the best deals for equipment and services, even providing some themselves as direct pass-through or by recommending their competitors support a given need.
Solid Technology showed us repeatedly how much they cared about the well-being of our organization, putting people before profits!
The Solid Technology team were forthright, honest – sometimes bluntly so – and energetically competent in helping us navigate a full-scale transformation of our IT and IS operations. We appreciate all they have done for us and recommend them highly. We have gained a valuable partner.”

Tony Maxwell

Washington State Fire Training

“A month back, with the holidays fast approaching, I asked each of my vendors how I might thank them for providing my firm with such excellent and enduring service. Amongst those, I asked my friend Karl how I might give positive report of my experience with SolidTech NW.
First, I am thankful for the late hours, overtime and speedy response the SolidTech NW team has given my team. We have had various challenges in 2015, such as eleventh hour outage from an AJAX connector and SOAP interfaces which went wonky on our web farm. Our team was taxed beyond the limit to preserve live data streams and needed help to fix the various connectors and interfaces which failed as a result of some unforeseen maintenance performed by my infrastructure team against our web servers.
But, more than just saving the day, SolidTech NW has provided web development consulting in both our Agile and Waterfall spaces which has made possible a steady expansion of services to our private cloud customers. The bottom line is we have a safety net and confidence in our teaming relationship with SolidTech NW web development partners which bolsters our confidence to continue expanding our service offerings to our client base.
I personally look forward to the coming year with SolidTech NW as a key development partner.”

John Darby – Principle


“The King County Library System had a vision to reach out to our various communities and deliver important library services via mobile vehicles.
The hard part was figuring out network and connectivity solutions that could deliver online services that would perform up to the standards we experience within our library buildings.
Turns out, providing fast and reliable Internet on a rolling vehicle is a whole different kettle of fish than providing good internet from building and a fixed connection.
That’s where the folks at Solid Technology stepped in and really helped us out.
Solid evaluated our configurations and brought their experience and expertise to bear, and basically boosted our capacity to do everything from check out books to show videos by…well…to be honest…pretty close to a thousand percent.  The connection went from barely tolerable and a significant headache– to fast and fantastic.
In addition to their great skill and service though, the thing that makes Solid truly unique is their commitment to our vision of public service.
This was exemplified early this week when Solid came out personally at the last minute to provide emergency technical support to an important program that the library was sponsoring at a local park, where kids who needed it were receiving library service via out “Tech Lab”.
Solid’s presence and personal commitment to our service made all the difference and the day was a great success.
We can’t thank them enough.”

Jed Moffit – Director of IT services

King County Library System

We recently hired Solid Technologies to help us with our firms’ relocation to a new office suite two floors below. The move included our server, router, firewalls, backup devices and installing a new managed switch – all mission critical. Karl ran point with building management, their general contractors, Comcast field techs, our local office representative and our MSP located in Chicago.

Karl and his team did a great job for us in planning for and implementing the move so as to minimize our user downtime. He rolled with the unexpected setbacks of a scheduling conflict with the flooring work and Comcast dragging their feet in getting the fiber installed in the new space. We needed to be out of our old space by a date certain, and Comcast wasn’t committing to hitting that date. Karl came up with a creative workaround. He strung cable temporarily from the demark two floors above! Comcast understood that we had a deadline to be out of our old space and agreed that Karl’s recommendation was the only way to perform the server closet relocation by the date needed given that Comcast could not move that fast.

Karl was very thorough and provided detailed documentation and pictures for our future reference as part of his wrap up. I highly recommend Solid Technologies for all of your MSP needs.

Mark Abby -Controller

Willamette Management Associates