Welcome to our site. We want to provide technical services to our clients with integrity and value. Our drive is to provide our services to you as a “trusted partner”. We provide managed and co-managed IT services, CIO and CTO services, riser management, and vendor management services. We are proud to support clients in Washington and Oregon. Our offices in Redmond and Vancouver Washington allow us to have excellent response times. If you are wondering about the benefits of  Managed services give us a call, or send us an email and we will do what we can to help.

Managed and Co-Managed Services

Today’s technology landscape evolves rapidly, and many companies struggle to keep up with advancements, often leading to inefficient processes that present obstacles to growth. In addition, a lack of internal experience with emerging technology can lead to inconsistent spending and improper resource utilization. For these reasons, many companies are leveraging a managed services strategy to enhance technology investments and refocus internal employees to critical business initiatives.

Data Safety – Business Continuity

Our Prevent/Detect/Respond model is built on experience, and is designed for data/network security. More than just protection, We are equipped to recommend and deploy technology that can handle tomorrow’s demands. The triple protection of threat-monitoring, compliance with law and policies and network analysis equips you with data – and metadata – to understand the ”what” but also the “why” of IT as it affects your company.

Security and Compliance

Intrusion, hacking and electronic theft attempts against businesses of all types and sizes are increasing exponentially, and our network security services in Washington and Oregon strive to protect you from the loss or release of your companies vital and confidential information.

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  • Free illustrations of Phishing

You Need to Watch Out for Reply-Chain Phishing Attacks

September 30th, 2022|

Phishing. It seems you can’t read an article on cybersecurity without it coming up. That’s because phishing is still the number one delivery vehicle for cyberattacks.A cybercriminal may want to steal employee login credentials. Or

Karl, Stephen and their team did a great job for us in planning for and implementing the move to minimize our user downtime. They made things possible by coming up with creative solutions to critical problems. I highly recommend Solid Technologies for all your MSP needs.

Mark Abby - Controller, Willamette Management Associates

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