Property Management Managed buildings

Our key to success with Commercial Buildings  is understanding how each functions as a separate entity but remembering that those entities are connected.

We work with the idea that our job is to provide continuity for the building. This includes due diligence surveys when the buildings are sold or purchased, site surveys as part of our due diligence, and the oversight of the non-corporate assets. We work with corporate IT to assure the separation of corporate, building, and guest networks.

  1. Network vulnerability testing
  2. Compliance Testing ( HIPPA PCI
  3. Licensing and Agreement reviews
  4. Building Asset mapping
  5. Building Network Health
  6. Building Remediation Plans
  7. Software compliance
  1. Riser Closet Management
  2. IT Vendor Management
  3. IT Project Oversight
  4. Controls vendor alignment
  5. Building Network
    • Controls integration
    • Network Security
    • Controls Remote Access
    • Hardware deployment and implementation
  6. Data Systems Monitoring and Maintenance
    • IT Asset monitoring and remediation
    • Uptime monitoring
    • Software monitoring
  1. Meeting representation
  2. RFP and Vendor selection
  3. Telecom and IT licensing renewal and compliance
  4. DAS compliance
  5. AD-HOC Chief Information Officer
  6. AD-HOC Chief Technical Officer
  7. IT Budget and Forcast
  1. Alignment to Corporate IT policy
  2. Corporate IT Augmentation
  3. Remediation planning