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SOLID TECHNOLOGY NW provides full Project Management and Service Delivery Management services to the Telecommunications / IT industry. Solid Technology NW utilizes both PMBOK and Prince 2 methodologies to insure the high standards required to implement complicated projects in today’s IT industry.

Riser Management and Infrastructure Assessments

What STNW Does for The Real Estate Industry

Although STNW provides a wide range of services, providing assistance to the Real Estate industry to enable new sources of revenue and control is a relatively new service and industry. Reports provided by STNW provide the building owner/manager with a thorough knowledge of the building riser core, communications structure and capacities. The reports also provide detailed recommendations to improve the riser condition, increase security of the core riser and provide new sources of revenue.

You are never alone

STNW also has strategic alliances throughout the telecommunications industry to plan and implement any changes or improvements required or indicated by the assessments, recommendations or plans provided.

What You Get

Basic assessments provide a detailed account of the communications riser infrastructure that was turned over to the building during the 1984 breakup of the Bell System. Information is provided from the building entry point to the rooftop facilities. This one source document provides, through text, diagrams and photographs your complete riser infrastructure analysis. The basic report includes:

  • Brief Telecommunications history and definition section.
  • Building entrances and accesses.
  • Conduit fill percentages and types.
  • MPOE Layout and detail.
  • MDF Layout and detail.
  • IDF Layout and detail.
  • Riser Detail.
  • Individual Riser Closet Details.
  • 3rd party service provider accesses (and risers if applicable).
  • Security assessment.
  • Rooftop facilities and accesses
  • Copper Pair Fills (Visual Evaluation Only).
  • Anomalies at all points.

Beyond the Basic Report

Beyond the basic report STNW can supply, additional information which would assist with the technological and security advancement of the riser system infrastructure and provide a ground work for new sources of income from the riser. All of the items listed below can be completed following a basic report or you may believe your building is ready to market itself as a technology center and would like some or all of the information listed below with the basic assessment.

  • Physical testing of the copper riser structure for cable fill.
  • Horizontal distribution points assessment.
  • Plans for riser cleanouts and standardization.
  • Technology Plan and Pricing Matrix.

Your Building and Riser are Unique

Each building and infrastructure core are different, so process will vary. In some cases smaller buildings have several risers requiring a far lengthier report than a taller building with a single core. That is why each report is approached on an individual basis with recommendations and costing made accordingly.

How Long Will This Take?

Reports are done by onsite inspection which can take anywhere from 1-5 days depending on building size, number of risers and ease of accessibility. Assistance from the building engineer is usually required for at least the initial stage of the inspection. When the inspector has a good idea of the building layout and can proceed without assistance the inspections can move at a quicker pace. Once the inspection is completed, the report is usually provided to the customer within 30 days. The inspector may, during preparing the document, revisit the site for information confirmation or to re-photograph. He may also contact the manager or building engineer for specific information. Imposition is kept to a minimum.

Living Documents

Upon completion you receive two hard copy 3 ring binder copies of your report. The document is presented in this fashion as a “living document” so it can be added to or amended as the building riser evolves. There will also be a soft copy provided on CD should you wish to make additional copies.  Reports can range anywhere from 35 to over 200 pages.

Will There Be Any Disruptions?

Generally, there are no disruptions unless there are security access issues. Since the riser is normally located adjacent or as part of the main building core this is not an issue. All tenants however, should be notified by the building manager prior to the arrival of the inspector. There will be no service disruptions of any kind during this process. This is purely a visual inspection except in the case where a physical test of the riser cable pairs is requested by the owner. The inspector will try to adhere to the building hours of operation but in some instances may request access outside normal business hours.

Does the Owner/Manager Need to Supply Anything?

Other than the time required by the building engineer and/or security personal for access issues, the owner/manager may be requested to supply (if available) any marketing materials used to bring in new tenants. This would hopefully include a building description including number of floors, square footage, age of the building and type of construction. Current floor layouts or CAD copies, in either soft copy, 8.5 x 11 or A4 format hard copies are also desirable.

What Does It All Mean

The communications riser system and core have now been owned by the buildings in Oregon since 1984 (This law varies from state to state and country to country). It is only recently being realized by property owners and managers as the new source of income it can be. It goes now, without mentioning, the security of this core infrastructure must also be evaluated both for the protection of the tenants and the unauthorized use of a valuable revenue source. Able Communications International can supply the informative tools to secure your riser infrastructure and get the fullest